Moon atmosphere and rain no surprise to some!

With the revelation by NASA that their LRO (Luna Reconnaissance Orbiter) satellite as part of the LAMP (Lyman Alpha Mapping Project) has detected both water on the surface of the moon and an atmosphere, our conception of the moon needs to be reconsidered. NASA states that water particles that exist in the regolith (moon soil) of the moon, at the suns zenith at midday move from the surface into the moons atmosphere (apparently they now admit that the moon has one) through which it moves to a new, colder location and re-settles on the surface of the moon. Now given that the atmosphere is going to be different to earth, it is still correct to say that the process of water particles evaporating into an atmosphere (clouds), then cooling and condensing and returning to the ground is called RAIN. In short NASA says that it rains on the moon. Perhaps we should be looking for life on the moon before Mars, as the moon has NASA’s stated criteria for the possibility of harbouring life: in the Goldilocks Zone, Atmosphere and Rain, not to mention proximity to another source of life, the Earth. I question this: On the internet there are videos taken through high powered telescopes of the moon which show rounded forms flying through clouds on the moon. These videos are widely debunked as silly fakes because there is no atmosphere on the moon. Well, turns out there is an atmosphere that has moving grouped water molecules (clouds). So, if half of the debunked telescoped video turns out to be true, what about the rest. What does NASA have to say about that!

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