Food For Thought

The ability and power to decide what we eat and drink, what we put inside ourselves, is one of the last remaining true freedoms we have right now (it is a freedom that the pharmaceutical companies are working on abolishing, but that is a complex matter to be discussed separately at another time).

Let us focus upon diet as a pathway to personal and planetary change.

We realize now that we want change in our lives and in the world around us, real change (see blog 4 “Recognizing Change”). We also realize that our lives are controlled by a self reinforcing cycle of four factors that keep us contained, that are resistant to change, but which make up the fundamental basis of our lives as we know them know – Health, Entertainment, Consumption and Diet (see blog 3 “The Corporate Cage”).

Each of these factors effects the others in a spiral that seems beyond our control. Poor diet leads to poor health leads to passive entertainment leads to unmindful consumerism in the hope of some gratification in life. That cycle (it works in any order) is exactly where the corporations want us to be. The BC (Billionaires Club) use their various and overlapping corporations and governmental influence to try to micro-manage our day-to-day existence so that the very purpose of our lives is as nothing more than that of another animal to be exploited. We have become cows being milked of our money.

The cycle of Health, Entertainment, Consumption and Diet is presented to us by the many corporations through the mass media as the only options that we have. Eat their overly produced toxic foods, watch their TV programs and social media about people supposedly having better lives than us, and buy their expensive low quality disposable goods to help us emulate their promoted lifestyles.

When we grow sick, weary, disillusioned and depressed because somewhere inside us we know that we are chasing a false and fantasy dream, one which has been forced upon us, not one we have chosen from a myriad of our own imagined options, then not to worry as the corporations have all the products we can buy to get healthy, loose weight, get better pharmaceuticals and mood enhancing drugs (especially alcohol), or too adopt a gourmet lifestyle that adds a thin veneer of wealth and luxury. All of which will keep us trapped in their corporate cage.

If we can break down one of the four bars of our cage, the cycle of dependence on exploitative corporate control culture could be arrested. We could take back control over our lives, our health, our thinking and our owning. We could own our lives. But of the four aspects only diet is the key to breaking the bars of our corporate cage and so start to take back the freedom to live, with as many options as we care to imagine.

To set ourselves free, we must first free those that we are exploiting.

The animals.

Their are many just and considered reasons for not eating or using animal products. These reasons are very well represented in many media now and can be put into the categories of;

ethical and moral



All of these areas have valid arguments in favour of what is called Veganism, which also comes in the form of PBD (plant based diet). The reasons for stopping unnecessary pain and suffering in our fellow sentient beings, while also not massively and catastrophically destroying both theirs and our habitat for products no longer needed for human survival, have an obvious logic that I can not see why it even really needs to be expressed, let alone its case argued for or defended.

The inability to see the logic of the ethical/moral and environmental concerns behind Veganism can only mean that the dissenting person is taking a defensive position (although often in a quite offensive way) because they have vested personal interest in the continuation of the animal exploitation. Either because they are making profit or because it brings them pleasure, neither of which stands as any sort of logical argument that includes the welfare of anyone but themselves.

That is a self-fulfilling thought system. NOT LOGIC.

That self-fulfilling thought system can not be rationalized as being part of the “rugged individualism” of the Western ethos. It has simply been known throughout the many millennia of human society as selfishness, and generally not well tolerated.

Health is also a fine and reasonable reason for abstaining from the use of animal products. There are the many important medical reasons, brilliantly researched and discussed by Dr. Michael Greger, amongst others. If you have not come across his website or you tube videos (“How Not To Die”) about the severe detrimental effects that meat, seafood, eggs and dairy physically have upon the human body, and the great list of common severe diseases (obesity, diabetes, coronary failure, cancer, eczema, osteoporosis, etc.) that meat causes, then you should. Dr. Greger is giving important life changing medical and health information based around the change to a vegan diet. I am not going to repeat his information here, as we have other aspects of the change of diet to discuss.

People like Dr. Greger when referring to the damage done to the human body and mind by animal products are often talking about the meat generally as if it comes from a mythical time when animals roamed freely in farm yards and frolicked in the fields. Well, if those times ever existed (and I am sure the animals wouldn’t see it that way), those times are over.

The industrially raised animals eaten today, for the motivation of extreme profit mongering, have been turned toxic through antibiotics, hormones, crowding, uncleanliness, forced feeding, genetic manipulation, pollution, etc. While the meat, eggs and dairy that finally hits the dinner plate (breakfast, lunch and snacks) has been further poisoned by the conditions of slaughtering, processing, packaging and preserving. These are undeniable facts that have been graphically presented in recent documentaries like “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health” amongst a growing number of others. Have a watch if you haven’t. These documentaries have been responsible for a big part of the growth in people swapping to a vegan lifestyle.

Because that is what the change to a vegan diet really is. It is a change in life style.

It is the change to a lifestyle that can shatter the bars of our corporate cage, by improving our health and awareness of what we eat, where it comes from, who produced it, where the profits are going and who are they benefiting. A lifestyle that simply by creating improved health and energy becomes more physically active, leading one to a happier and more fulfilled frame of mind. By being the ones to decide what we eat, and why, we feel more in control of our lives. We must now cook, and take an interest in that process to manage living outside of the corporate cage, not buying the endless stream of easy packaged but poisonous food.

By feeling better about ourselves, by feeling the power of living by convictions that we have created and decided upon, we become more social and actively seek others who are also impassioned and enjoying a similar lifestyle with similar interests. We begin to look at the mainstream materialist system from a different point of view, we begin to consider it for ourselves. We are forced by our opposition to the exploitation of animals, and the need to defend ourselves from those who have not yet woken, to express our opinions. Opinions we have thought about and which we live by everyday.

The things we use to buy out of boredom, the things that advertising convinced us were so needed, yet really just drained our pockets and cluttered our lives, a change in perspective perhaps makes our material needs change as well. As we feel fuller on the inside, more socially connected through our convictions and interests, more alive because of our passion, and health, we will reappraise what and how much of “things” we need.

This is arresting the cycle. Breaking down the bars of the corporate cage. This is a taste of freedom.

Now we feel the breath of change.

And this is exactly what the corporations and BC overlords dread (and doesn’t that make you feel good).

Even now, the most alert of them are quickly moving to take control of the vegan movement. But that is an important battle we must be wary not to lose, but I wish to discuss that in greater detail another time. For now, lets enjoy the change we are going through.


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