One Change – All Change

The day to day process of living is at the heart of our being. Even if we desire to be a greater person, clearer person, better person, or perhaps just different than how we presently find ourselves. The path to desired change begins inside daily life.

Whether we are rich or poor, or happily getting by, paying the bills, taking a holiday when needed, and more or less keeping on top of things, there is a circle of activity that keeps us locked in habitual modes of behaviour, and which can also be a spiral of discontent. There are at least four key factors that are entwined together around you, encircling you, like an invisible cage (see Corporate Cage blog). Perhaps you know or feel them close in around you already, each one feeding into the effects of the others.

Fortunately, understanding these factors doesn’t require knowing which factor began the cycle (no chicken or egg answer needed), what is important is how we can break that cycle, and what will change in that cycle create.

The Cycle:
(their order is not important)


Diet                   Us               Entertainment


with “us” in the middle.

Consumption, Entertainment, Diet, Health. Each one of these factors holds daily control over our lives; how we spend our time, who we spend time with, what we spend our money on, what we think, and how we think about it, what we eat and how much we enjoy our lives. These are all fundamental aspects of our lives, but how much control do we have over our health, entertainment, consumption and diet.

Surely all of us desire to have the basic control over what we think and eat, and how we spend our time and money. If we haven’t got conscious control over those aspects of our lives, then, what sort of lives have we got? How can we find meaning in our existence without having agency over our thoughts and actions? These are intimidating ideas! The type of ideas I always feel that domesticated animals are mulling over in their gilded cages.

I propose, that, presently most of us hold little conscious control over all these factors in our daily lives. Even when we try to control these aspects for the betterment of our lives, the limited options that are presented to us by culture, society and corporate commercial ideology inhibits our ability for self-control over fundamental aspects of our lives. That is, we can only choose those things of which we are aware. Which unfortunately are options that mainly come from populist commercial culture that has gripped our society and our private lives for the sole purpose of making money, in any way, helpful or detrimental, from our lives. Particularly from the control over our daily needs and wants. We are steered towards making decisions that benefit the corporate BC rather than ourselves, our people and our planet.

Unless we actively take conscious control over these four aspects (Diet, Health, Consumption, Entertainment) of our daily lives, then the liberty and quality of our lives will suffer. For the simple reason that the options given to us by corporate commercial culture (mass media tries to convince us that their options are the only ones) are damaging to us and our planet.

Both, us and the planet, are intimately linked. The bad options we are being sold, (because yes we are also expected to pay for our suffering), benefits the few rich elite in the Billionaires Club (BC). Ironically, many of them swallow their own bitter pill through the ignorance of their own role in the enslavement and downfall of humanity.

The Four Lifestyle Factors:

Consumption – We are encouraged to consume as much as we can of anything and everything. From food, accommodation, entertainment, transport, clothes, travel, decorations, etc. Most of the products we are encouraged to buy are not needed, do not enhance our existence and are of poor quality. We buy, what quickly becomes because what it is, trash.

Diet – What ever we out in our mouths. Society not only makes the eating of animals and their produce, known to be damaging to both human health (and the planetary ecosystem, animals lives), an almost compulsory act, but people are encouraged to eat vast quantities of meat, dairy and eggs (also salt, sugar, fats). Far more than any human could possibly need for nutrients sake alone. Further to the problems of diet is the fact that most of the food has been secretly turned into a form of poison through industrial chemical agriculture and over processed preservative laden “food” (the term is doubtfully applied to packaged edibles). Neither of these processes were instigated for the benefit of us. A real effort must now be made to find edible nutritious unpolluted food.

Health – The effects of the poor quality of diet, polluted and toxic environment (indoors and outdoors), and the growing lack of variety of life through action and thought has led to many people suffering ill health from problems that are avoidable (heart disease, diabetes, cancers, allergies, etc.). The enormous multi-national corporate medicine industry is raking the economic benefits of peoples health problems. Bad health, and not curing it but tending it, has become a big money earner for the BC. Maintaining peoples illnesses is the new form of modern medical treatment, supplying their endless pharmaceutical needs. Sick people are also far easier to control, as their needs for constant medication leaves them powerless and reliant on maintaining the societal status quo, even if it is to their detriment. Their fear of not receiving their medicine keeps them in place, and they feel that they have no other options.

Entertainment – Entertainment is really how we occupy our minds. Society used to have many forms of entertainment, most of which did not make money, took place privately and was controlled by the people who took part in these hobbies. Some hobbies even supplied the home with useful products such as food and clothing. Western traditional culture used to supply many forms of entertainment based on hobbies, such as music, dance, art work, theatre, kite flying, sports, cooking, reading, writing, etc. (the list depends upon which culture and its traditions).

However, traditional culture and its diversions have been almost completely sidelined and even ridiculed, to be re-placed with mass media commercial corporation entertainment. TV, film, internet, corporate team sports, etc. all of which are meant to be consumed in a passive fashion, and preferably from the couch comfort of ones home. Entertainment has become a commodity that people consume endlessly, and without which (we have been led to believe), life would be unbearably dull.

Each of these four factors are intricately connected, they stand as the bars of a corporate cage. Yet really, they should be pathways to liberty and well being.

Fortunately there is one factor here that has the power to effect change over the others. One change that changes all and that can break the corporate spell and change cage bars into open paths. A chance to bring about the life-style change that will liberate us from the corporate cage, and free us from our enforced domestication by the Billionaires Club. A change that serves ourselves and the planet first. The factor least suspected, the less debated and the most coerced and protected. The factor upon which the corporate world, and BC mega wealth, depends. The factor over which ultimately we all can struggle to regain control. The factor with which we can bring about the most effective personal and planetary change, with which we can reshape ourselves and the future for humanity. Now.


That’s food and drink!

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