Recognising Change


Before we continue on our journey into change, I thought we should take a moment to recognise what we are aiming to achieve.

Change is difficult.

Real change is very difficult.

In the next few blogs we are going to start to discover what sorts of changes are needed to bring about real change in our lives. The sort of changes we desire, that bring both personal empowerment for us and planetary benefits for all. That is real change.

Change, as such, and of its self can be quite easy.

“I won’t wear Reebok anymore I’m swapping to Nike”.

” I’m not eating McDonalds anymore, I’m only going to eat Burger King”

You get the drift. These sorts of changes are easy. Why? Well, firstly because your not really changing anything substantial, just a preference for more of the same. It is really only a thin veneer of change. Ultimately it makes no difference, either to yourself or anyone else. Although it might give you the thrilling illusion of change in your life, and perhaps something to make Facebook conversation about.

Secondly, veneer change is easy because there has been no sacrifice. Real change is difficult exactly because it requires sacrifice. It requires the giving away of the old habits and replacing them with new habits. Old habits have to be sacrificed on the fires of the new. They have to be, to make room for the change of the new entering your life.

Sacrifice, is not a word we find in common usage anymore. Exactly because it is a powerful notion. Whether your sacrificing for others or for yourself, it is a powerful and strong action to take. But real change in your life will demand some sacrifice.

However, the rewards are great. If you were content with the status quo you wouldn’t be following this blog, and thinking about following a path of change. Real Change!

So before we move on,  I say we boldly acknowledge our brave endeavour. That what we are wanting, what we will be trying for, is real meaningful helpful change that serves our needs both physically and spiritually.

That it is the hard path.

But it is the path that legends are made from. Proudly be part of the process, celebrate meaning through action. Make a stand!

Be your own legend.

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