Trumping Trump

At present in the world there is much angst over the Presidency of Donald Trump, and rightly so. If he ever showed any promise of being a true leader for the USA in the run up to the election, that has long past. The world is coming to accept that Trump is ignorant, self-centred, immature, emotionally needy, and that he possibly represents today’s biggest threat to our planet. His recent order to renege on climate change agreements only goes to show that his focus on selling advance weaponry to bolster the “billionaire’s economy” at the expense of ordinary people, is not the only way in which his reign will harm millions of people.

For much of the world it comes as no surprise that American’s have elected a fool, buffoon, loud mouth, ignoramus as their leader, as that has been the general impression of Americans by non-Westerners and non-American Westerners alike for a very long time. Trump possibly represents what the USA commonly stands for better than any prior President. The people of the United States of America, supposedly, decided to elect a man whose has not the slightest idea of what life is like for the average American, outside of the USA, or for that matter outside of his billionaire’s bubble. A golden capsule in to which he was born, and has only just managed to remain by bullying business tactics, and sleazy, shady deals that have left many people suffering in his wake. Trump’s sometimes saving grace is his straight talk, which occasionally gives the hard-hitting truth as it is, much to many other politicians and academics discomfort. Such was his comments on the lack of NATO funding from other member countries. His incessant tweeting on the other hand seems to undermine everyone, including himself.

Possibly the main aspect of Trumps unlikely rise to power, whether he has been sponsored by the Russians or not, is that finally one can freely point out what has been obvious for a long time. That Democracy in the USA is dead. The entire political system is being managed by multi-national interests at a corporate level. Trump represents those interests, in coal, oil and arms. He is the puppet for the real billionaires, the ones that actually know how to covertly make money. They needed a man like Trump, to put the final nail in the coffin of democracy. Where were they possibly going to find one of their own ilk, stupid enough to be their front-man. Someone sycophantic and manipulable, someone desperate for fame, yet self-deluded enough to believe their own lies, and to still be able to remain in the Billionaire’s Club despite not having the intelligence. Then along comes Trump. Born and raised, perhaps groomed for the position. All bluff and no substance, a man without character. A ‘man-baby’ whose intellectual growth halted around ten years old when he discovered he was rich enough never to have to listen to anyone’s advice again.

The Billionaire’s Club have finally decided to legitimately take over the government and be done with lobbying and schmoozing successive governments. They are finally out in the open, where everyone can see the truth that many have denied for too long. That the politics of Washington is the politics of maintaining a group of billionaires in endlessly amassing the wealth of the nation. Perhaps even to the point of using Russia’s clandestine influence to get their way. Trump not only shows that the USA has ceased to be a democratic country, but that ultimately democracy as a system fails in the face of the untold multi-national wealth now controlled by 1% of the world’s population. The Billionaires Club is so sure of this that they have, through Trump’s Presidency, announced to the world that it doesn’t matter who knows because they are in control. They are now legitimately in control of the USA, and thereby are able to damage or repeal many international agreements that were due to benefit the other 99% of the world population. To understate, this is dire.

There is however a positive outcome from this situation, and one which the BC had not anticipated. Trump has woken up the sleeping masses of America, and of the Western world in general. People that have sat redolent in apathy, slothful in what seemed to be a life of ease and entertainment, are realising that they are about to lose it all. That the nation’s and world’s wealth is becoming more concentrated in fewer hands, that those hands now pull the strings. That not only is their freedom being lost, but the future of humanity and the eco-system of the planet is being put at risk for the benefit of a few families. The Federal government under the control of the wealthy minority no longer represent the citizen body. The Unites States are no longer united under the Federal government but are untied against the Federal government. The State governments and their citizens are realising that they have the power to re-make the future how they desire. How? By carrying through with international environmental agreements, national and corporate environmental agreements, and local government initiatives without the Federal government.

Trump has shown that the Federal government is not necessary to make improvements for the general populace. An important realisation that de-centralizes decision making, and puts power back down at a State government, and grass-roots level. If the Russians were involved in the election of Trump as part of an international and multi-national corporate conspiracy to divide the USA, weaken it and isolate it from the international community, then they have they had great success. However, they have also done us all a favour by bringing about the revolution in thinking that the USA has been needing for many years. Trump has pulled the American government not just out of the Paris accord with the other world nations, but he has pulled the government out of accord with its own nation of states.

Now we wait to see what happens when the President loses his country. Perhaps it will become the Agreed States of America.


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