The Corporate Cage

Conscious change is what we have decided is important and empowering. What forces inhibit us from making change, to ourselves and to the world around us? Are we to blame?

My two previous posts have been leading us to this point. My own battles to implement conscious change by altering or ending behaviour patterns that are of no value, or detrimental, slow down my ability to explore and relate this journey. But now I am back on board, I have had time to consider the next step, and how best to approach a difficult subject.

Yet, a subject which effects us all and one that is hard to recognise from within the experience. But to make conscious change we first need to know what is wrong? What is the problem we wish to change? And confronting what the difficulties are for change?
We need to recognise our situation, individually and collectively.

The Corporate Cage.

Our gilded cages.

Our gilded cages wherein our intellect resides. We sit comfortably inside our existential cages, whose bars are created for us by multi-national corporations, media, government and economic elite interests. Our minds are forced to submit to limitations placed on us and those that are acceptable for elite economic interests. These invisible bars that hold us mindfully in place are physically manifested through; mass media, television, radios, news papers, advertising and dare I say it, the web.

Our desires for material gain; food, aspirations for success, and definition of success, purchase choices, lifestyle decisions, even love; all are very carefully manipulated for the benefit of a few, and the detriment of many. Our choices in life are often limited to serve the purposes of others. While our happiness and fulfillment remain out of reach beyond the imprisoning bars.

Recognition of our position will reveal those restraining bars, then allow us to make the conscious changes needed to take the bars away and free us to at least attempt to seize our birth right.


To regain self-control. That is the change we ultimately need (amongst others). Conscious change is the manifestation of self-control.

It is possible.

With the empowerment of conscious change and the birthing of self-control, the bars of our Corporate Cage will firstly become visible, then navigable and finally they will lose their strength to restrain our lives, thoughts and decision. With concerted will and determination the bars will crumble.

Great! Is my response. I’m ready! Let’s start now!

We have already started.

That we are asking questions, seeking answers, and willing to admit that change is wanted, and that change is needed, is the sign that we have begun. Change has already happened.

The kernel for change has been planted, and now we must feed it and make it grow in the ways that we each desire, both for our benefit and the benefit of all life planet wide.

The Corporate Cage that surrounds us is held in place by the strong connection between four seemingly disparate, yet fundamental, aspects of our daily life. These four aspects connected and effecting each other circle us constantly in a system of self-feed back, locked together as though links in a chain. They encircle us. The substance of them dictate the quality and freedom of life we lead. Yet how much control do we have over them, and of what they consist.


Our Western lives are flooded by a barrage of messages about what to eat, how to stay healthy, what to buy and how to stave off what we are persuaded is the inevitable boredom of being alive. Barely a moment goes buy with out our senses, (through screens, mass media, other peoples programmed responses, and our trained and domesticated internal voices), being used to instruct us to live in a way that bolsters commercialism.

It is as though the economy is some great god that needs constantly feeding, not only with money, but with peoples aspirations and desires. And if we as a materialistic western society have elevated the economy to the place of worship, it was not just us, and not our choice. The entrenched billionaire elites have made this puppet god for their own ends, that we may sacrifice our lives to it, and thereby to them. We swap our liberty for crumbs of luxury. We have been convinced to let the environment suffer in death throes to gain our little pleasures.

Whether we are at home or on the street, commercial power has been designed to influence our decisions about diet, health, entertainment and consumption. We seem to be presented with an array of possibilities, a plethora of possibilities, but they boil down to the same few realities.

Diet – animals

Health – pharmaceuticals

Entertainment – mass produced

Consumption – as much as possible


The bars on the cage. To escape these few options we need to “think outside of the box”.

If we break one link in the chain, it all falls apart.

Change one, change all!

Which is the weakest, yet the strongest link in the chain?

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