The Current Status – Why change?

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

Not true Leo, for that is exactly what we are doing here. Perhaps this was the case in Leo’s time and place, but there has been change. Our thinking has evolved.

“The world as we created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

We, the inhabitants of planet earth need change. We need change on a planetary level, and we need it now before our options become too limited by the destruction of the environment and the imprisonment of peoples minds.

Do you feel that change is needed? Does your presence here show a certain amount of discontent with the way that your life, our lives, are being led? Are you here searching for answers? or Questions? What do you think the internet may be able to give you that you are unable to get from the people in your lives?

Underlying all of these important questions lurks an unstated and shadowy desire for some change.

We want to see some change around us. Perhaps greater economic equality; one rule of law for all; corporate responsibility; meritocratic society; benign technology; healthy environment; political leadership; peace; and much more. The changes we wish to see happen around us are as personal as the changes that we need to make within us for those exterior changes to happen. Einstein is still relevant. We must individually change are thinking, and therefore our actions, on a day-to-day basis to bring about planet wide alteration.

Changing our consciousness, our awareness, necessarily leads to a readjustment of our actions. If we have been left feeling somewhat powerless (I know I have) by the economic, political and cultural forces within which we are forced to exist it is because we have been coerced into giving away our personal power. Every decision we make every moment of the day is a part of the process of loosing or retaining our power. We have lost much, and it has benefited only a precious few.

Now it is time to take our power back, bit by bit if need be.

Let us seek to become aware and conscious of our decisions. Let our decisions lead to actions that empower us, personally. Then let our awareness and empowerment help the many people around us to start upon this path also, to become self empowered and aware. Let the actions of the many bring about through the force of sheer numbers the planetary changes we only now dream about. Planet wide change starts within ourselves. By changing ourselves we manifest change around us. We do not need great self-appointed leaders to be our catalyst for change, for each one of us can be the catalyst for great change, when we have the courage and tenacity to change ourselves.

Knowing that the world we have created is unbalanced, cruel, destructive and wasteful, but also knowing that people have a great capacity for love, kindness, harmony and creativity, we have the option for the present and future generations to effect positive change, and to return power into the hands of individual people. We should the courage to create a planet that is able to be shared and enjoyed by all living creatures, without consideration of their usefulness to ourselves. As sentient beings we are able to create change within us and around us that is beneficial to us and all others. Now is the right time to begin.

Here we can explore the why and how change can be effected. Starting with self-change. This blog for me is part of the process of self change, and hopefully the sharing of empowerment as we explore what we want, and learn how to achieve those dreams, or how to begin a longer journey, with high aims, that others will continue after us.

There will not be taboo subjects on this blog, as open communication and discussion of ideas should not be limited. So I will be exploring issues that centre around the theme of change, but also ideas that are in the process of change, or need to be reviewed for readjustment. SO STAY WITH ME !!!!


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